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Let me introduce myself…
Call me Tre’ (pronounced "tray"). Reiki practitioner and  a new age shaman. Sharing my thoughts and observations about my profession as a shaman. The definition of shaman I am using is "a practitioner of divination and healing."

Background... Universal energy has been in my life since childhood. I studied from books. Cast spells and participated in rituals. I was fortunate to discover a thriving pagan community at Colorado State University.  Later when my daughter was  born I worked to integrate new age philosophies into my new family. Now my daughter is a grown woman. I am ready to grow a new age community and modern sacred space. Late in 2019 I was inspired/guided/asked to share with the world.

Each week I post a New Age Shaman Tip on twitter. It is advice you can integrate into your life, or use as an opportunity to learn more about a topic.

Best wishes,

Public Service Announcement:
We are all human.
We all feel, want, and strive for better.
We just don’t all agree on how to make that happen.
My beliefs are for me and yours are for you.
Please share your beliefs (loud and proud even) but never force those beliefs on others.
The right message will always reach the correct person/human.

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